So you have the perfect backyard with that great new pool

So you have the perfect backyard with that great new pool. Now what?

Well, as it turns out your backyard is not perfect but you are very very close to having that Home and Garden look with the addition of a brand new pool deck which will be the exact thing you need for both a very functional addition to your home as well as a beautiful add-on.

Of course you can get a contractor to do the work, but if you have some time and energy you can do the work yourself and make something you can be very proud of.

In a building a pool deck, you may need to have some lumber and you should have accessible water nearby. The technique that you will use in building a pool deck is quite easy and it will require you to have a concrete pier block that will serve as the support to the system. The materials that you will be using in building a pool deck are hangers, corner brackets, deck boards, concrete pier blocks, posts, screw, screw driver, a main rail and a guard rail, hammer, stringer and caps.

The first step in building a pool deck begins with the floor, usually it must be at least 6×2 in size. You can join the boards with the hangers along with the metal corner brackets. You may need to have seventeen of these frames. When you have already assembled all the frames around the pool, the last one can already be made. The next thing that you have to do is to make posts to support the frames. The posts should be 4×4 in size and these posts will then be supported by the concrete pier blocks.

To be able to secure the posts, you have to dig holes and you need not to use cement to support the posts. After doing this, you can know mark the posts that will serve as the level of the pool. You have to measure the proper thickness and then cut them to the desired length. After which, you have to fasten the frames on the posts using a deck screw. After which, you can install diagonal braces in between the posts and they should be angled to the pool.

This should be accomplished around the parameter of the deck. Also, the deck boards should be parallel to the side of the frame. Next, you have to screw the main rail with a cap; the cap must be 2×4 in size. After this, you screw the guard rails. Lastly, the stringers will be screwed to the joists. You can purchase a precut stringer to save time in constructing the pool deck.

Building a pool deck takes a lot of work, effort and patience to finish the job perfectly. Its not that easy, but, if you have the right attitude in building one, you will come up with a great pool deck that will satisfy your taste and will justify your efforts in making a beautiful masterpiece.