Now we come screw and barrel for extruder to the most important step

In this article we shall learn How to Set the Level on a Car Stereo Amplifier. Amplifiers improve and enhance the sound of the extruder screw barrel system. As the name suggests the job of the amplifier is to amplify the waves of sound. It is more important to understand the working and properties of amplifiers. We need not know process instrumentation and control in detail for doing this job of setting levels in a car amplifier.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to complete this job. We need an amplifier and screw that has flat blades, any kind of music device preferably compact disc to do this job. The whole job will only take few minutes which any owner can spare to enjoy good music from stereo.

The process involves adjustment of gain controls of amplifiers and tone controls of stereo. How to adjust tone controls and gain controls to set the levels on amplifier will be dealt in detail in the forth coming paragraphs.

First step is to keep the gain control knob of the amplifier to the left. It is just similar to the working of fan regulator. This gain control is also called level. So this should not arise any confusion and we should be clear that both terms mean the same. This is the minimum setting position. This step can be done with hands but few knobs may be tight and require us to use a screw driver. A screw driver that is small with flat blades enough to do the job.

If amplifier has more than one channel then the number of gain control also increases proportionally. So ensure that all the levels or gain controls are set to the minimum before we adjust the tone control. Adjustment of tone control is done to suit the specific taste of the listener. The options available are midrange or flat or no boost. We may also choose to attenuate the bass or lower tones. This can be tuned after completing the job of setting amplifier level.

Now its time to switch on the stereo of the car and play CD. We can also choose to play other music depending on our taste and interest. Now we come screw and barrel for extruder to the most important step. As the music is being played the volume is increased to nearly 75 percent of the maximum level.. Now the gain control or level knob is turned to right. This is continued and finally stopped at a position when the sound is heard from stereo without any kind of disruption or distortion in the signal.

However if still distortion is there we should still bring down the setting where distortion is completely eliminated.

The procedure remains the same and adjustment of knobs is also exactly similar even if there is more number of channels. Accordingly all gain controls should be set to get good quality of music.

Thus we have learnt How to Set the Level on a Car Stereo Amplifier by learning to tune gain control levels and tone controls to enjoy the music of our liking with the correct level of loudness.